Burnley FC 2018-19 Dream League Soccer Kits & Logo

Download and import the new Burnley FC 2018-19 dream league soccer kits & logo using the URL shared on this page. BFC is a top tier Lancashire based English football club that competes in Premier League, EFL Cup, FA Cup and in some European leagues. Today we are going to share dls 18 kits package that include players home, away, third and goalkeeper uniform. Burnley F.C., Puma sports and principal club sponsor Laba360 released team’s new uniform for season 18/19. The manufacturer used the traditional color combination in the new outfit as well. Keep visiting DLSKits.Com to get notified about the latest updates of the team kits and shields.

Burnley FC 2018-19 Home Kits

Burnley FC 2018-19 Dream League Soccer Kits

The new Burnley FC 18/19 jersey manufactured by Puma features claret front, blue sleeves and neck. It is completed with white shorts and stockings. The template used by company will keep players cool for longer. You will also find details of hexagonal design print, team shield, Laba360 and Puma logo on front of the t-shirt. The newly designed kit is inspired from famous ‘V’ kit of the 1970s. The BFC away kit has honeycomb pattern and is in black color with a touch of silver. The shirt has a polo style color which is different from the local one and Puma logo is visible on chest and sleeves. As promised, below we are sharing dream league soccer kits 2018 URL, that you can use to get new Burnley F.C uniform.

Burnley F.C. Home Kits 18/19

URL: https://i.imgur.com/0Iwd0f8.png

Burnley FC 2018-19 Dream League Soccer Kits URL 512x512

Burnley F.C. Away Kits 18/19

URL: https://i.imgur.com/PkSAnML.png

Burnley FC Away Dream League Soccer 2018 Kits URL 512x512

Burnley F.C. Third Kits 18/19

URL: https://i.imgur.com/Pty9Dt5.png

Burnley FC 2018-19 Third Kit Dream League Soccer Kits URL 512x512

Burnley F.C. Goalkeeper Kits 18/19

URL: https://i.imgur.com/KdrvTRd.png

Burnley FC 2018-19 Goalkeeper Kit Dream League Soccer Kits URL 512x512

Dream League Soccer Logo Burnley F.C.

Below we have posted the 512×512 logo URL of Burnley football club. You can use it to import the new team shield of the English team.

URL: https://i.imgur.com/cGBHsAA.png

Burnley FC Dream League Soccer Logo 512x512 URL

Checkout this short video, in which team Burnley is introducing its new home and away kits 2018/19:

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