Dream League Soccer Barcelona Logo URL 512×512

Get the Barcelona logo URL 512×512 for dream league soccer game. Barca F.C. crest was first changed in 1910 and last updated in 2002. Over the period of time, minimal changes were made in the logo design. You can download and import new FCB DLS logo using the URL that we have posted on this page. Barcelona football club logo is in bowl shape and has St George Cross and Red, Yellow Bars on top. In middle “FCB” the initial of team is written on a white strip below that you will a ball and Barca official colors. You will get all Barcelona kits and famous team logos URLs only on DLSKits.Com. For more updates on dream league soccer kits and logos, like our Facebook Page.

Dream League Soccer Barcelona Logo URL 512×512

Since inception Barcelona F.C logo is changed ten times with minor changes in the design. Below we are sharing an images that shows changes made in Barca crest over the period of time.

All Barcelona Football Logos

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Dream League Soccer Barcelona Logo

Below we are sharing the 512×512 logo URL that you can copy from here and paste in the dream league soccer game to download the Barca shield.

URL – https://i.imgur.com/2JgQCRN.png

Dream League Soccer Barcelona Logo URL 512x512

Dream League Soccer Barcelona Kit URL

Below we are sharing Barcelona kits URL, you can open the to get the favorite version of Barca kit:


Above we have posted download URL for Barcelona log, you can use it to get the Barca crest in dream league soccer game. To import the logo you need to launch the game and open My Club > Customize Team > Edit Kit > Download and Paste the URL that we have shared on this page.

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