Dream League Soccer Kits and Logos 2018

DLSKits.Com is the best platform to get dream league soccer kits URL to download free. Dream League Soccer 2018 is one of the best football video game available for Android and iOS platform. It is developed by British developers working under the umbrella of First Touch Games. DLS 2018 is the latest installment of the game and in this version you can enjoy realistic gameplay, latest background music & sound track and above all you can challenge players in dream league online mode.

We are going to share latest 2017 – 2018 DLS Kits URL off all famous football clubs along with their logos. You can download all of them for free and can easily import dream league soccer kits following the simple tutorial that is given at the end of this post.

Dream League Soccer Kits URL

Dream League Soccer Kits and Logos 2018

If you are searching for free URL to download dream league soccer kits and logs, below you will find download links for the top clubs in the football world. So without much ado lets checkout the DLS Kits 2018:

Dream League Soccer Kits 2018 Manchester United

Here is the download URL of Manchester United DLS kits 2017-18 with Adidas and Chevrolet logos:

Home Kits


Manchester United Home Kits 2018

Away Kits


2018 Manchester United Away Kits

Thirds 2018 Kits


Manchester United Thirds 2018 Kits

Goalkeeper Home Kit


Man United F.C Goalkeeper Home Kit

Goalkeeper Away Kit


Man United Goalkeeper Away Kit


512×512 Dream League Soccer Manchester City Kits 2017-2018

Below we have posted URLs of all the man city kits and you can use them to upload latest team kits in dream league 2018. It has latest Etihad Airways and Nike logo printed on chest.

DLS Home Kits


Manchester City Home DLS Kits 2018

Man City Away Kits


2018 Manchester City Away Kits

Manchester City Third Kits


Manchester City Third Kits 2017-18 512x512

Goalkeeper Home Kit


Man City F.C Goalkeeper Home Kit 2018

Away Goalkeeper Kit


Dream League Soccer Kits Manchester City Goalkeeper Away 2018

Dream League Soccer Logo URL


DLS Manchester City Logo URL

Real Madrid Dream League Soccer Kits 2018

Get the latest dream league kits URL of Real Madrid 2017-2018 having current sponsors Fly Emirates and Adidas logos on it.

Home DLS Kits 2018


Real Madrid Home Dream League Soccer Kits 2018

Away Kits 2017-18


2018 Real Madrid F.C Away 2017-18 Dream League Soccer Kits

Real Madrid Third Kits


Real Madrid Third 2018 Dream League Soccer Kits URL

Goalkeeper Home Kit


Real Madrid Goalkeeper Home Dream League Soccer Kits 2018

Goalkeeper Away Kit


Real Madrid Goalkeeper Away Dream League Soccer Kits 2018

Dream League Logo Real Madrid URL


DLS Real Madrid Logo URL

2018 Dream League Soccer Kits Barcelona

If you want to import latest Barcelona kits to your dream league soccer game, you will find the download URLs below. This kit contains logo of Unicef, Rakuten and Nike.

Home DLS Kits


Dream League Soccer Barcelona FC Kits Home 2018

Away Kits


Dream League Soccer Barcelona FC Kits Away 2018

Third Kits 2017-18


Dream League Soccer Barcelona FC Kits Third 2018

Goalkeeper Dream League Home Kits


Dream League Soccer Barcelona FC Home Goalkeeper Kits 2018.png

Goalkeeper Away Kit


Dream League Soccer Barcelona FC Away Goalkeeper Kits 2018

Barcelona 512×512 Logo URL


Dream League Soccer Barcelona Logo URL

Arsenal F.C. Kits & Logo for Dream League Soccer 2018

Get the free download URL for Arsenal dream league soccer kits with Puma and Fly Emirates logo:

DLS Kits 2018


Dream League Soccer Arsenal Home Kits 2018

Away Kits


Dream League Soccer Arsenal Away Kits 2018

Third Dream League Kits


Dream League Soccer Arsenal Third Kits 2018

Goalkeeper Home Kit


Dream League Soccer Arsenal Goalkeeper Home Kits 2018

Goalkeeper Away Kits


Dream Soccer Arsenal Logo URL


Dream League Soccer Arsenal Logo 2018 URL

Dream League Soccer Chelsea F.C. URL Kits and Logo 2018

Below you will find the dream league soccer kits URL of Chelsea football club with latest logo on shirt.

Chelsea DLS Logo URL


Chelsea Dream League Soccer Logo URL

Home Kits 2017-18


DLS Chelsea F.C. Home Kits 2017-18

Chelsea Kits Away 2017-18


Chelsea Dream League Soccer Kits Away 2017-18

Third DLS Kits


Chelsea Kits DLS Away 2017-18

GoalKeeper DLS Home Kit 2017-18


Chelsea GoalKeeper DLS Home Kit 2017-18

Goalkeeper Away Kit


Chelsea Kits DLS Third 2017-18

GoalKeeper Third Kits


Chelsea GoalKeeper Away Soccer Kits 2017-18

Liverpool Dream League Kits and Logo 2017-2018

Here is the dream league soccer logo and kits URL of Liverpool football club, download and import it right now.

Liverpool Logo 2018


Dream League Soccer Liverpool Logo

Home Kits


Liverpool Dream League Soccer Kits Home 2017-2018

Away Kits


Liverpool DLS Away Kit 2017-2018


Liverpool Third Kits


Liverpool Dream League Soccer Kits Third 2017-2018

Goalkeeper Kits Home


Liverpool Dream League Soccer Goalkeeper Home Kit 2017-2018

Away Goalkeeper Kits


Liverpool Dream League Soccer Goalkeeper Away Kit 2017-2018

Third Kits Goalkeeper


Liverpool Dream League Soccer Goalkeeper Third Kit 2017-2018

AC Milan Dream League Soccer Kits & Logo 2018

Get the AC Milan F.C DLS URL to download and import kits and logo:

AC Milan 2017-2018


A.C. Milan DLS Logo URL 2017-18

Home Kits


AC Milan Dream Soccer League Kits Home 2017-18


DLS Away Kits


AC Milan DLS Kits Away 2017-18

Third Soccer Kits


AC Milan Kits Dream League Soccer Third 2017-18

Goalkeeper Home Kits


DLS Kits A.C. Milan Download URL 2017-18

Goalkeeper Away Kits


AC Milan Away Dream League Soccer Kits Goalkeeper 2017-18

Third Goalkeeper Kits

Will be updated soon….

Dream League Soccer Juventus Kits 2017-2018 with Logo

Below we are sharing Juventus DLS logo and kits download URL, you need to copy the URL and paste it in your game:

Juventus Latest Logo Dream League 2018


Juventus DLS Logo 2018

2017-2018 Home Kits


Juventus Kits for Dream League Game 2018

Away Kits


DLS 2018 Juventus Away Kits

Third Kits Juventus


Third Kit Juventus Football Club 2018 512x512 Size

Goalkeeper Home Kit


Juventus Kits Dream Soccer League 2017 2018

Away Goalkeeper Kits


Juventus DDLS 512X512 Goalkeeper Kits Away 2017-2018

Inter Milan DLS Kits and Logo 2017-2018

Below are the download URL of latest Inter Milan kits for dream soccer league 2018.

Inter Milan Logo


DLS Logo F.C Inter Milan 512X512

Home Inter Milan Kits


Dream League Soccer Kits Inter Milan 512X512 Home

512×512 Dream League Away Kits


Dream League Soccer Inter Milan Kits 2018 Away

Third Kits


Inter Milan Dream League Kit Thirds 2017-2018

Dream League Home Kit for Goalkeeper


Inter Milan Goalkeeper Home Kit Dream League Soccer URL

Goalkeeper DLS Away Kit


Inter Milan Goalkeeper Away Kit DLS 512x512

How to Install Dream League Soccer Kits 2017-2018

Below is the complete video tutorial in which we have explained how you can import latest DLS kits in dream league soccer 2018:

If you face any trouble in importing dream league soccer kits URL, post your query in the comment box below. We will help you to get rid of that issue. Don’t forget to like and share this post with Dream League Soccer 2018 lovers.

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